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With 95 employees working at its offices in Düsseldorf, Warsaw and Shanghai, METRO ADVERTISING services customers across METRO in 28 countries as well as external customers along the value chain for
the production and distribution of advertising products in both, physical and also digital formats.

Covering the individual segments of the value chain, METRO ADVERTISING offers different service scopes ranging from advisory services to planning and control through to operational administration and invoicing to meet our customer requirements.

Every year, 144 billion pages of advertising materials in A4 format are produced worldwide using 200,000 tons of paper supplied by MGA’s central paper sourcing function.

Part of these supplements has previously gone through the layout process on METRO ADVERTISINGs systems and is routed to an addressed or unaddressed mail distribution planned, scheduled and administrated by our Media function in the same way as other advertising formats ranging from outdoor advertising to newspaper, radio/TV and online media ads.

Besides the established advertising formats we also support our customers in the realisation of personalised advertising in small and large volumes.  


METRO ADVERTISING emanated from Cologne-based Zentra Werbegesellschaft mbH founded in 1986 and operating in the production and distribution of advertising materials of all types.

In 1987 the company was renamed Werbehaus Gesellschaft für Werbung mbH with head office in Cologne. This “advertising house”, which belonged to Kaufhof Holding, first and foremost served its main customer, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG. It offered all advertising services of a traditional ‘full-service’ agency – starting from creation through to control of the operational realisation.

Following the founding of METRO AG, which was created by a merger of Metro Cash & Carry, Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and Kaufhof Holding AG, Werbehaus Cologne underwent a restructuring process to become a cross-group coordinator in the fields of pre-press, print, paper and media sourcing. In 1999, the entity relocated from Cologne to the group headquarters in Düsseldorf. Werbehaus became Metro Werbegesellschaft mbH and was renamed MGA Metro Group Advertising GmbH in 2002.

As part of the internationalisation process the entity’s first subsidiary, Metro Reklama Polska with head office in Warsaw, was founded in 1998 and renamed MGA Metro Group Advertising Polska in 2002.

Then as now, METRO ADVERTISING bridges the gap between individualised customer service and the ambition of a focussed sourcing entity for marketing and advertising services.

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