METRO Advertising GmbH emanated from Cologne-based Zentra Werbegesellschaft mbH founded in 1986.

1986 – Founding of Zentra Werbegesellschaft mbH in Cologne operating in the field of production and distribution of advertising materials of all types.

1987 – Renamed Werbehaus Gesellschaft für Werbung mbH with head office in Cologne.
This "advertising house", which belonged to Kaufhof Holding, first and foremost served its main customer, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG. It offered all advertising services of a traditional ‘full-service’ agency – starting from creation through to control of the operational realisation.

1996 – Merger of Metro Cash & Carry, Asko Deutsche Kaufhaus AG and Kaufhof Holding AG to METRO AG with head office in Düsseldorf. Realignment of the Cologne-based Werbehaus to a cross-group coordinator in the fields of prepress, pint, paper and media sourcing.

1998 – Founding of the first subsidiary, Metro Reklama Polska with head office in Warsaw.

1999 – Name change to METRO Werbegesellschaft mbH and relocation of the company’s head office from Cologne to Düsseldorf.

2002 – Name change of METRO Werbegesellschaft mbH to MGA METRO Group Advertising GmbH Name change of METRO Reklama Polska (Warsaw) to MGA METRO Group Advertising Polska.

2006 – Extension of the business activities: MGA does not only advise customers from the METRO Group, but also successfully services external customers.

2017 – Demerger of METRO Group into Ceconomy and the new METRO AG in July 2017.
Name change to METRO Advertising GmbH.

Then as now, METRO Advertising bridges the gap between comprehensive and individualised customer service and the ambition of a focused sourcing entity for marketing and advertising services.