Power from renewable resources. Paper from sustainable forestry. Reduction of the carbon footprint: social and sustainability standards form the basis for responsible operations and are not only considered as a value added by our customers, but taken as a sine qua non.

We source paper of the most diverse quality levels for 28 countries and provide our customers with extensive information for their sustainability reporting. To this effect, we record all ecologically relevant parameters, like for example the certificates of the paper suppliers as well as the share and origin of the raw materials used, in an audited database.

We place special emphasis on the use of recycled fibres in paper production and we also know from which sustainably managed forests the timber used for our paper qualities originates.

METRO Advertising Germany is an FSC®-certified company and offers the following extended services:

  • Production of FSC®-certified advertising materials
  • Selection of certified companies for all individual services along the FSC® 'chain of custody'