We are the experts for retail and wholesale communication. With our longstanding experience, we assist you in planning and executing as well as in evaluating and optimising your advertising campaigns. We take your message to the relevant channels and support you in making a lasting impression on your customers.

Sourcing of advertising services

International Sourcing

The sourcing of advertising services is the core mission of METRO Advertising. For nearly 25 years we have been negotiating contractual conditions for our customers around the world, analysing and assessing service providers at all levels of advertisement production. Our business partners include large corporations in the same way as companies operating at the local level.

Print and Paper Management

Print & Paper Management

For our customers we manage all levels of production involving different printing processes. This also includes the just-in-time supply of all printing locations with paper whose quality and sustainability we monitor continually.

Media Planning

Media Planning

We leverage our long years of experience in the field of wholesale and retail communication for the planning of the media mix and the sourcing of the media services. Our analyses and recommendations allow for an efficient management of your advertising budget.



As a specialist for wholesale and retail communication, we rely on our longstanding expertise to effectively communicate our customers’ advertising messages to their target groups.