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POS: ideas for your appearance

A well-conceived customer address at the point of sale is very important – after all, that is where the decision to purchase is made! We support you in planning the perfect product presentation at the POS and then use a network of specialists and service producers to produce whatever you want to have on site: ceiling danglers, counter displays, floor stands, shelf stoppers – we offer a wide range of options!

Photography: products perfectly presented 

In our in-house MGA photo studio, professional photographers put your product in the right light. Depending on the product category and requirements profile, we realize your multi-facetted demands regarding the picture both internally and also in cooperation with our 30 partner studios. Data management and clarification of image rights are of course included in our scope of services.

Logistics: delivered ‘just in time’

At the end of any production process there is on-time delivery. Based on our customers’ requirements and the analysis of sometimes highly complex shipping plans, we control the logistics processes in close cooperation with our partner companies to make sure that your products reach their destination on time. 

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