Sustainability on all process levels

Power from renewable energy sources. Paper from sustainable forestry. Reduction of the carbon footprint: social and sustainability standards form the basis for responsible operations and are not only considered as a value added by our customers but taken as a sine qua non.

We are active in 28 countries worldwide and therefore have a very special responsibility. Our decisions taken today will greatly impact the life of future generations. As an advertising company with an enormous demand for print paper, we are committed to the protection of global forest resources and to climate protection measures. Our company has been certified by analogy to the standards of the FSC Forest Stewardship Council already back in 2008.

Stringent demands – from raw materials to transport

Our guidelines are clearly defined: we guarantee that the paper supplied by us originates from sustainable sources. And this has been the case for more than 20 years already. We plaid a major role in driving the development of paper containing a high percentage of recycled fibres which we continue to prefer for our advertising products still today. Qualities with fresh fibres originate for sustainably managed forests (FSC, PEFC). At the same time, with the use of low-weight paper qualities, we contribute to a continuous reduction of the paper volume; optimised logistics help to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Independent auditors accompany and examine the measures initiated by us.

Less is more

Sustainability starts with the conceptualisation of the advertising product: together with the paper industry, we work on measures to reduce the grammage; together with our print shops, we work on optimising the production processes which must run smoothly also with extremely thin paper qualities. Innovative processes and new technologies make it possible to reconcile environmental and production aspects with continually high quality. 

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